Terrain~Dig into Spring Festival



As a Philadelphia food entrepreneur, I am so honored to be featured at Terrain. The festivals and events are always a pleasure to attend and I enjoy mingling with fellow friends and foodies. Here I share an excerpt of Terrain’s blog announcing their upcoming festival and a special chat with the cofounders of Vedge and V Street. Enjoy!

Terrain’sĀ Dig into Spring festival is just a week away and a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of garden season. To close the day’s festivities in Glen Mills, they’ll be hosting a dinner with Richard Landau and Kate Jacoby, the talented duo behind Vedge and V Street. Since opening in 2011, Vedge has become one of Philadelphia’s most acclaimed restaurants, serving up an all-vegetable menu that also inspired an epnoymous cookbook. Recently, TerrainĀ chatted with the veggie experts about spring in their kitchen and got the recipe for one of the dinner’s featured dishes– Roasted Asparagus with Hazelnut Picada.

Check out the Q&A with Richard and Kate here!


Images courtesy of Michael Spain-Smith (1, 2L, 3) & Chloe Burke (2R).

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