Amis Philadelphia: Best Seat in the House

It’s eleven o’clock pm and I’m just getting home from Amis in Philadelphia. I want to write about this while it’s still fresh and while I can still smell the baked pecorino with almond honey. I sat at the chef’s counter hypnotized by the impressive knife skills of chef Jack [watch amazing video footage] who not only entertained my curiosity & questions with ease and charisma but also kept up with the fast-paced yet superbly controlled chaos of the kitchen. Takes a multi-tasker to know one….wink!

And while I’m out enjoying a rustic creation by Marc Vetri, I also take time to absorb a thing or two about food, flavor and the art of clever culinary processes.

2 hours, 2 glasses of wine, and 5 extraordinary dishes later I had watched Jack prepare three “tartufo al bacio”.

So when my server asked me about dessert…what do you think I ordered?!? Let me tell you…it didn’t last long. And the hazelnut and cherry in the center…WOW!

To top it off, Jack shared a tasting of ‘mom-mom’s rice pudding’ and for me to decide which one I loved more was an absolutely futile exercise…they both win!

If you go to Amis and your lucky enough to sit while Jack is working, not only will you admire his gorgeous brow line and enjoy his congenial attentiveness but if you pay attention you will learn a few valuable tips –like one of Jack’s favorite flavor combinations: butternut squash, sage and garlic.

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